About Ansiight
I started with the Ansiight, April 08, 2014.

I created several more abstract portraits in the past based on images, and this time I wanted to play around with text and Characters.

For me it can create some impressionism like images sometimes. And you can use you own selection of text/personal- or logo name/or any wierd unicode-characters/shapes around.

Want to make a video-tutorial pretty soon...
now it's still pretty basic

Ansiight uses currently dat.gui for the interface buttons/sliders.
Ansiight uses currently Filesaver.js by Eli Grey for the save button/file-saving.
I compressed parts of the source for Ansiight, to save bandwidth etc. if you have a question about the source as a developer, just let me know.

You can help/support me if you like the work, so I can create and add more tools in the near future. You must know, I`m an independent artist, living below poverty level sometimes, and not some big mega-rich corporation.

If you like the software, a little tip would be more then welcome, and would make such a difference for (open-source/Indi) software creators.

I love seeing work you created with my tools, send me a snapshot/image, one day. Always love seeing that!

I'm still looking for flexible work (around Amsterdam), could be anything, from cleaning/washing dishes/walking the dogs/computer-support etc. so I can pay the rent/food. And keep this site on-line.

When around Amsterdam, buy me a beer, a nice glass of wine or some food/snacks ^-^. Love people/tourist to show around the city as well, love to walk around, the nicer areas, and discovering new places and streets. when the weather is nice

You can donate some L$ to 'Cel Edman' in second life, or buy some of my in-world mesh/sculpt creation tools there.

If you have any other nice suggestion or question, let me know.

Version history / Snapshots

[April 10, 2014] Ansiight v0.4 released

[April 08, 2014]
Self-portrait test on (g+)


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