About Celfuuu
I started with the Celfuuu, February 26, 2014,. I created a few cel-named tools already (celzium/celzius in SL) & liked adding the 'fu' this time thinking about kung-fu , I added 3 uuu's since 'celfuuu' had like only 3 'automated/random' hits in google when I first checked the name.
I was fiddling around with WebGL already, but I decided to make it more a web-tool now, a bit like the sculptypaint I once wrote. And I want to add more options/tools soon, when basic interface/web-stuff is working.

For me it is also important that it's cross-platform, (can) work on windows/mac/linux etc. Wrote some in-world tools for SL, but somehow porting it to other opensim grids would take a lot of time, but still want to support them. And making it in a browser opens it up for other 3D communities as well, 3D printing etc.

Wrote some stuff in c/c++/java/processing/flash/director/etc. before although.. but since like oracle took over java, and when suddenly my old 3D-director stuff stopped working; I'm a bit afraid of companies that suddenly would drop support for certain features, and my creations suddenly stops working. I know WebGL/Javascript can be a bit slow and buggy now, but can do the job for me, this moment. Sometimes reloading the browser/restarting the browser can help as well to speed things up.

At the moment I`m using the three.js library to show the 3D models in WebGL, I wrote some of my custom WebGL routines before, but decided I should first focus more on my own 3D generation tools, and let three.js handle the more advanced WebGL coding , shaders-support etc. for the moment.

Video Tutorial


For every 10$ or 10€ in donations. I can spend 1 hour developing this software further.
Add more tools and options etc.

You can help/support me and keep the project going and growing bigger, so I can create and add more tools in the near future. You must know, I`m an independent artist, living below poverty level sometimes, and not some big mega-rich corporation. Besides that, I currently work part-time doing Social-Care, helping older people / handicap / sick people with there household, real greatfull work, but getting paid at minimum wage. (About 8€ an hour work, Netto)

Every month, a still get like 200+ downloads on my old sculptypaint, but only 1 in a thousand people, seems to donate 10+ cents as support. Making me sometimes think, why just not just pull it off-line/behind a paywall? Thinking, I would make more standing on the street singing/making music, then writing (free/os) software I guess. But, I give it another try with this project.

If you like the software, a little tip would be more then welcome, and would make such a difference for (open-source/Indi) software creators.

I love seeing work you created with my tools, send me a snapshot/image, one day. always love seeing that!

I'm still looking for flexible work (around Amsterdam), could be anything, from cleaning/washing dishes/walking the dogs/computer-support etc. so I can pay the rent/food. And keep this site on-line.

When around Amsterdam, buy me a beer, a nice glass of wine or some food/snacks ^-^. Love people/tourist to show around the city as well, love to walk around, the nicer areas, and discovering new places and streets. when the weather is nice

You can donate some L$ to 'Cel Edman' in second life, or buy some of my in-world mesh/sculpt creation tools there.

Check my shop on shapeways (and buy some of my 3D prints)

If you have any other nice suggestion or question, let me know.

Version history / Snapshots

[April 2, 2014] Celfuuu v1.8c
- little bugfix for chrome, to correct the mouse-position when editing the diameter shape.

[March 20, 2014] Celfuuu v1.7a
- little bugfix on shell layout.
- added some gearstep options in the 'Ring Twister' tool.
- added gearstep on Y in the 'Spiral Shells' tool, and tuned some of the other options.
X-Shell snapshot from Secondlife (g+)

[March 17, 2014] Celfuuu v1.6g released
- The 'Spiral shells' tool added, sometimes the model can glitch on certain settings, but I don't mind at the moment.
- Added Edit Ring Diameter button in the 'ring twister' tool , now you can customize that Diameter shape.
- Removed (temporary?) the link to url thing. (things will get more complicated in the future, when people can customize more things.)
- fixed little uv-layout bug for the top right square in the 'ring twister' tool
- Rounded the precision after the decimal point. so the .dae files will smaller and take less hd-space.

[March 17, 2014] the new shell tool (g+)

[March 13, 2014] customize the Ring Diameter (g+)
early test snapshot: You can customize the ring into other shapes now, before that it was always a circle.

[March 4, 2014] snapshot: .dae file exporter working (g+)
Getting the .dae exporter working. loading the model into blender and SecondLife

[February 26, 2014] - 1st snapshots getting my own custom meshes working in three.js (g+)
I figured out how to do these twisted rings in sculptypaint around July '2008 (and still sell those on the SL-marketplace) I must say I was the first one on the SL-grid to make these as far as I know, although seen others doing them as well later on, and also other people wrote software to make them. After a dream early in the morning feb26, I tried to do it this time in WebGL.

3D printing
Don't have much experience with 3D printing yet, but found some links on the web, more tips welcome
Preparing a model for 3D Printing with Shapeways (in blender/ a bit advanced..) (youtube)

Thanks to people to keep this project going on, donators, and people lifting up my spirit
special thanks to es0 Torok ^-^

and thanks to
Family, friends and artist, GJ-Mulder, people from the three.js library, SL tool/coders: TheBlack Box, Aminom Marvin (SL's true sculpty wizzard, that discovered so much new things), Yuzuru Jewell, Anjin Meili, Qarl 'Karl Stiefvater',and a lot of great people in SL / open-grids communities (and there support during the years), the LL-crew/Torley, Toxi, the people from, the offline-collective/, from the early #java irc-days; graphics coding & demoscene; Snowcrash/Keops/Roots etc. And many more..

Celfuuu uses the great Three.js WebGL javascript library by mr.doob for the rendering of my 3D-models.
Celfuuu uses the trackball controls from the three.js lib from Eberhard Graether
Celfuuu uses currently dat.gui for the interface buttons/sliders.
Celfuuu uses currently Filesaver.js by Eli Grey for the save button/filesaving.
I compressed parts of the source for celfuuu, to save bandwidth etc. if you have a question about the source as a developer, just let me know.

At the moment: I allow individuals/people to use/distribute/sell the 3D models created with Celfuuu in on-line virtual worlds/open-sim-grids at the moment. Feel free to print them out in 3D etc. For larger companies (more then 5 people) that want to use / distribute the 3D models generated by Celfuuu, it would be nice to contact me first. And/or talk about customisations & modified/more-unique work.


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