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needs a video-card and browser that supports web-GL. Currently best (recent test): Firefox & Opera, current Chrome seems to crash on WebGL

left-mouse to drag around the 3D-model
the middle mouse button/scroll wheel can be used to zoom in and out.

Currently you can use it as a sculpt-map viewer in your browser. Works also on most oblong type sculpties
Current sculptmaps supported: 64x64 | 128x128 | 32x128 | 128x32 | 16x256 | 256x16 | 8x512 | 512x8

Sculptypaint II needs support
For every 10 dollar or euro donated, I can work for 1 hour more on it, improving the software & code.
Adding new tools and options, mesh support & .dae saving, editing etc.
Please support, to make this software grow.