-> If you just looking for a sculpt-viewer
Check sculptypaint2.pixel-lab.org (javascript/WebGL)

It's a sculptviewer, that runs in a browser, different sizes and oblong sculpties
last updated: 2015
Needs a webGL enabled browser, and supported video-card.
(firefox / chrome / ea.)

-> Check my Sculptypaint (java/processing)

Evolved from this test-previewer. Realtime sculpt previewer, Drawing tool to generate sculpt images, and Edit sculpt RGB Layers.

Cel_Sculptpreview version v#0.6 (java/processing)

Loads only 64*64 pixels sculpt images at the moment!
Loading file formats: .png .jpg (.tga but crashes on tga files, like the tga files saved in blender!)
Mouseclick for wireframe, white or color mapped rendering.

Download for:

Last update 25 may 2007!
might be outdated/not working anymore

Known bugs

Crashes on targa files saved in blender, photoshop etc. Workaround load them as png, to test them out.
Note it can load the targa files saved by sculptypaint itself. (WinXP)

Fileselect window is bugging, or not loading my image. This happens a lot when you browse to other directories. Workaround, save your images in the current folder the filesectect window opens with. And doubleclick the file. (WinXP)

These bugs are processing / swing related bugs atm, sorry about that, since I cant fix them right now.


When the SL server was down yesterday I decided to readup on sculpties. And though, well lets make a simple sculptie previewer, so I learn a bit as well about this technique.

Somehow the top and bottom of a sculptie seems to have a hole into it, And made a try to close them like SL does, but sometimes the closing wont be 100% perfect all the time, and you will see little holes.

I just started SL about 10 days ago, and somehow I cant login the beta-server, since it can't find my pw/account. That's why I wanted to created this offline viewer as well.

Last update 25 may 2007, Elout de Kok The Pixel-Lab.
SL name: Cel Edman

If you find this anyway usefull, I setup a Tip-jar at my shop.(via Slurl) Or you can give me a nice present you created yourself.
Second in my shop, I show some sculpts I created, and show like sculpt-previews: like the new Sculptypaint v.03 - Flower generator i`m currently working on. Also a free sculpty every week ^^

Other thing of interrest maybe for SecondLife Texture creators: Texl, a seamless texture generator A java applet, I wrote back in 1998 / 1999.

Source code: cel_sculptpreview

Built with Processing