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Texl - options

In Texl you can choose between some drawing styles. These styles are very often based on random drawing with different results. You can influence the drawing a bit by moving your mouse in the drawing area, changes colors, increase or decrease the brush lenght or speed, and filter it for another result.

note this is a screendump of an older version!

The way I work with it
I choose some drawing styles, press the 'tile button' now and then, and when something interresting appears on the screen, mostly I quickly press the 'gauss' or 'shift/' filter; the drawing stops and I can sort of filter it around. If I am sort of satisfied with it, I make a screengrab of the window, and than paste it in a 256*256 image in photoshop (any other paintpackage will do as well like 'ms-paint;).

Some info on the buttons

well click in the x and y bar, to increase or decrease the speed/size of your drawing brush .

These are some of the drawing styles, click on one of them for a different drawing effect on the screen.
All the drawing styles are constanly animating.

While moving your mouse in the drawing area..you can influence the drawing start position.

The style 'Martin' is a bit different.. This is a fractal that randomly cycles around it`s fractal set. based on a fractal by Dr B. Martin
'Tartin' is also like 'martin' but this time you can adjust it`s drawing size with the x and y brush length sliders. (I like the way it draws seamless circles that go beyond that 256 pixel limit)

Select a different brush for the sprite style, select the orange buttons to start drawing, select the sprite size for different impact on the screen.

You can generate a random gray noise or random color noise
R<->B switch the red and blue colours.
G<->B switch the green and blue colours.
R<->G switch the red and green colours.

  • gauss will blur the image. (one of my favourites)
  • xgrad and ygrad filters gives you cutout/bumpy look
  • lplace scharpens you image.
  • lplace2 scharpens you image in smaller steps.
  • etc.. Try them all out, and pick your favourites..

  • New.. the Undo button; undo`s the last filter.

choose 2 different colors to shift between during the drawing.

Clears the screen

2001 Elout de Kok