Some Creative online Tools at that runs from a browser
Texl 2 |2D| - v0.3g (last update 2015)
Create Seamless Textures in your browser, works best in Firefox. A free online seamless Texture Generator, to play around with. Create your own Textures for Games, Creative-Design etc.
Celfuuu |3D| - v1.8c (last update 2014)
Create 3D models in your browser, and save your models as a 3D .dae Collada file. That you can use for personal design, games, print-out in 3D etc.
Sculptypaint 2 |3D| - v.1.8c (last update 2015)
Online Sculptmap viewer; normal and oblong sculpt-images. Sculptmaps are 3D models, stored in an Image, used in virtual worlds like SecondLife, and OpenSim technologies. I hope to add more editing functions soon as well!
Clippr |2D|- v0.9 (last update 2015)
Generate & distort images based on your own photo or design. I call it my own 'Pointillism' tool, but you can use all kinds shapes, even modify a circle; to create all kind of shapes that will be used as a brush.
Ansiight |2D|- v0.4 (last update 2013)
Generate & distort images based on your own photo or design. Using all kind of Unicode characters, or use your custom (Unicode) characters, or text.
NTexLab |2D|- v0.7 (last update 2011)
An early alpha test of mine, creating seamless textures in a browser. Sorry, not much info; besides you can rescale images, and use filters for the independend RGB or Alpha channels; for new effects. Texl 2, will be the follow-up now.
ImgHug |2D|- v0.9 (last update 2011)
Image and photo manipulation. Some basic Image manipulation; like the gimp/photoshop in a browser. It also got a few nice tools, like to make stencils (in 3 or 4 colours) from an image.
-> ImgHug v0.8 Video on youtube

Games at
Sic |2D/3D| - v1.4 (last update 2015)
A casual browser puzzle game, that slowly gets harder and harder. Destroy all the bombs and clear the screen; to move to the next level. Chain-reactions, and minimum steps to clear the screen gives a bigger score! Early alpha.

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