Texl 2

Texl 2, is another seamless texture generator, that runs in a browser.

It's a remake of an old texture generator I wrote back in 1998 called Texl (then using a java-applet).

Currently FireFox works best/fastest on my current system, chrome next (although my recent Chrome-builds crashes a lot on javascript, making it my 2-nd choice now).

Currently Texl 2 is Donation Driven!

To keep this project growing, you can donate to my PayPal, 'Cel Edman' in SecondLife or Inworldz. And check the About/Donations page, for more info, textures I created with Texl-2 etc.
For every 10$ or 10€ in donation, I can work 1 hour more on it, adding new functions, tools & options.

Run Texl 2
v. 0.4f alpha release, last update [November 4, 2015]

Video Tutorial

About Texl 2 / support / donations / Legal stuff / Tips / etc.
The Texl 2 about page

Elout de Kok ©2015 - [pixel-lab.org] elout@xs4all.nl

--Donations ---

October 2015: Texl 2 released
First goal to reach ($10 / €10 / L$ 2580)
Paypal-description; Donation for Texl 2

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