About Texl 2
I started with Texl 2, October 2015.
Every month I still get 100+ hits for my old Texl; a seamless texture generator.
The old one is really outdated a bit (written around 1998/1999). Also hard to run now; from a browser, since it was written in Java/Java-applet. And it only supported 256x256 textures.

For Texl 2. First I tried to port some of my old Texl tools, filters & ideas, next added a few new options and tools. Support for different texture sizes etc. But still got more ideas to work on.

I write these kind of tools, for personal fun and creation.
Call me lazy? I can do it by hand, but then I`m thinking, can I make some kind of software doing just that, and maybe with 1000+ more options, and crazy possibilities?

It's nice other people could use my tools as well, creating new stuff with it; that sometimes makes me even gasp; 'how did they do that?!', I guess love to be creative & share my creative tools as well.
There are a lot of great creators around! And everyone got there own style! Your work created with my tools, becomes your own creation & copyright, you can sell, use in your personal library, use for games or design etc.!

Some of my first textures from Texl 2, I created today [October 18, 2015]

Click on the texture to see them tiled textures: copyright: Elout de Kok [2015]

A kind of wierd alien skin.

Old alien cloth

purple ribz - almost an electron microscope image.

first test with filled drawing - october 2015 - blue ribz

added 3D shapes - november 2015 - wierd scaffolding space

Video Tutorial

Help/Donate - Currently Texl 2 is Donation Driven!

For every 10$ or 10€ in donations. I can spend 60+ minutes more developing this software further. Add more tools and options etc.

Paypal-description; Donation for Texl 2

You can help/support me and keep the project going. You must know, I`m an independent artist, living below poverty level sometimes, and not some big mega-rich corporation. Besides that, I currently work part-time doing Social-Care, helping older people / handicap / sick people with there household, real greatfull work, but getting paid at minimum wage.

If you like the software, a little tip would be more then welcome, and would make such a difference.

I love seeing work you created with my tools, send me a snapshot/image, one day. always love seeing that! I know a lot of creators, using my software are struggling hard to get by themself as well. A nice word of message is just as welcome!

When you are around Amsterdam, Love people/tourist to show around the city as well. Cool places to go, visit, or where to get nice food etc.

You can donate some L$ to 'Cel Edman' in second life, or buy some of my in-world mesh/sculpt creation tools there.

Check my shop on shapeways (and buy some of my 3D prints) Sells some of my drawings & prints (Elout de Kok) is selling some limited edition 'high quality dibond' prints, of older and newer digital work I created. (Elout de Kok)

If you have any other nice suggestion or question, let me know.

Version history / Snapshots

[October 18, 2015] Texl 2 v.03g released alpha release.

Thanks to people to keep this project going on, donators, and people lifting up my spirit

Texl 2 written by Elout de Kok


elout de kok ©2015 - []

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