About Sculptypaint 2
I started with the Sculptypaint-2, September 2015.
I still get every month a few 100 downloads for my old sculptypaint.
It's outdated a bit. Also hard to run now, since it was written in processing/Java. When I started sculptypaint, I had no idea how those SL-sculpties worked, but learned a lot after that.

Started to work on SP2; Currently SculptyPaint2 just can show Sculpties and oblong sculpties in a browser (almost? like SL does), hope to add more functions & tools in the near future. A.DAE mesh saver?, smoothing functions? etc. Having some nice ideas about it.

Somehow I really liked how you could easy edit points, in the sculptmap overview, maybe I can add that in the new version, maybe make a new sculpt-map format, that support higher resolution, and different sculpt-sizes shapes and maps.
Mostly I try to focus on a 'FUN' low poly mesh editor, that supports the old sculpties, but also go next level, more mesh-minded.

Video Tutorial

Help/Donate - Currently Sculptypaint-2 is Donation Driven!

For every 10$ or 10€ in donations. I can spend 60+ minutes more developing this software further. Add more tools and options etc.

Please add in Paypal's description; something like: Donation for Sculptypaint 2

You can help/support me and keep the project going. You must know, I`m an independent artist, living below poverty level sometimes, and not some big mega-rich corporation. Besides that, I currently work part-time doing Social-Care, helping older people / handicap / sick people with there household, real greatfull work, but getting paid at minimum wage.

If you like the software, a little tip would be more then welcome, and would make such a difference.

I love seeing work you created with my tools, send me a snapshot/image, one day. always love seeing that! I know a lot of creators, using the software are struggling hard to get by themself as well. A nice word of message is just as welcome!

When you are around Amsterdam, Love people/tourist to show around the city as well. Cool places to go, visit, or where to get nice food etc.

You can donate some L$ to 'Cel Edman' in second life, or buy some of my in-world mesh/sculpt creation tools there.

Check my shop on shapeways (and buy some of my 3D prints) Sells some of my drawings & prints (Elout de Kok) is selling some limited edition 'high quality dibond' prints, of older and newer digital work I created. (Elout de Kok)

If you have any other nice suggestion or question, let me know.

Version history / Snapshots

[September 17, 2015] Sculptypaint-2 v.0i released
- A basic sculptmap viewer, added proper stitching for sphere/plane/cylinder/torus today.
- Added some support for those oblong sculpties as well today.

Thanks to people to keep this project going on, donators, and people lifting up my spirit
big thanks to es0 Torok ^-^
big thanks to Skyhighatry, theblack Box, Aminom Marvin, Quarl, and so many people in SL.
And a lot of people that have supported me in SL, every 10L$ counts, and gives me a nice feel! Thanks.

Sculptypaint2 now uses the great Three.js WebGL javascript library by mr.doob for the rendering of the 3D-models.
Sculptypaint2 currently uses the trackball controls from the three.js lib from Eberhard Graether


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