Sculptypaint 2

Sculptypaint 2, is a browser remake of an old 3D model creation tool I wrote, Sculptypaint.
Currently I just is a sculptmap-viewer (normal and oblong maps), and I hope to add more tools, functions, etc. in the near future.

It runs only in a WebGL enabled browser at the moment, currently firefox works best/fastest on my current system, chrome next.

(Currently Sculptypaint 2 is Donation Driven!)
To keep this project growing, you can donate to Cel Edman in SL / Inworldz. Or check the About/Donations page, for my paypal, video-tutorial & more.
For every 10$ or € in donation, I will work 1 hour more on it, adding new functions, tools & options. A collada .dae saver etc,

Run Sculptypaint 2
v. 0.2c beta, last update [Mar 25, 2016]

Video Tutorial

About Sculptypaint 2 / support / donations / Legal stuff / Tips / etc.
The Sculptypaint about page

Page / 3D / webGL not working?
Check this page for more information/tips etc.
- Troubleshooting, getting WebGL working on your browser/system

Elout de Kok ©2015 - []

Sculptypaint is Donation Driven,
for every 10$ / 10€
I can spend 1 hour more working on it,
adding new tools and options.
Next goal to reach:
($10 / €10 / L$2580)
Paypal-description; Donation for Sculptypaint 2

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