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SculptyPaint - Stone generator Tool
Create a 'basic' randomized 1-prim stone type of object.
New options added in sculptypaint v.08 - work in progress

Rand Stone a Bit
Add a tiny XYZ random noise to the 3D sculpt object.

Rand Stone a Lot
Add a lot XYZ random noise to the 3D sculpt object.

Random Pincher
Cut random holes into the 3D sculpt object.

Random Extruder
Add random spikes onto the 3D sculpt object.

Grid Pincher
Cut spikes into the 3D sculpt object You can change the number by changing 8,16,32 buttons.

Grid Extruder
Add spikes onto the 3D sculpt object You can change the number by changing 8,16,32 buttons.

Pinch to Top
Pinches the object towards top

Pinch to Middle
Pinches the object towards middle

Pinch to Bottom
Pinches the object towards bottom

Extrude to Top
Extrudes the object towards top

Extrude to Middle
Extrudes the object towards middle

Extrude to Bottom
Extrudes the object towards bottom

Flatten Top
Flattens the top, it starts at the top, and everytime you click it goes down 1 step.

Flatten Bottom
Flattens the bottom, it starts at the bottom, and everytime you click it goes up 1 step.

Scale & Bend
Scales or Bend the sculpt in X, Y or Z.

Smooth Sculpt
Smooth's the current sculpt, this is the button really: for making the sculpt look ok again.

Smooth Torus
Smooth's the current sculpt towards a torus shape form, this means the top of the sculpt will smooth down towards the bottom of the sculpt.

Smooth Plane
Smooth's a plane kind of sculpty.

Resets the sculpt-shape back to a basic Pyramid, Cylinder, Cube, Sphere, Torus or Plane (and resets the texture).
Reset to plane: to square, triangle or roundish..
Reset to cube: resets to cube, or a plane type of cube. (new in v.092)

tip: If you reset it to plane, and then go to the RGB Layers, load a greyscale image in the green layer, you will get a height hieroglyph.

tip #2: If you look at the model with the grid-texture on. And it show the numbers of the texture correct, this side will show up correct in Second Life. If the numbers are being mirrored this means Second Life won't show this side. And it can tell; if (parts of) your 3D model is insideout.

Forces the 3D model points to merge at the same place with other points.
When uploading these models lossless in Second Life, it will result in sculpties with sharp edges.

Force to 33*smooth and 33*hard (new in v.092)
Forces the model almost like Second Life does. Use the hard version for like cubes.

Check my fun tutorial Cel Edman's Bad hairday in my attempt useing the Stone Tool for creating 1-prim sculpted Hair.

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