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Texl is old software, I created back in 1998/1999 || I recently (2015) wrote a new online seamless texture generator, called Texl 2. you can find it here on:



Texl - a noisy seamless texture generator written in Java

Texl is like a sort of image synthesizer, by pressing different buttons you can create 'noisy' seamless textures for use for your backgrounds or gametextures.

Latest info on Texl 3.03 (updated december 6, 1999)
made sprite brushes bigger 64*64 instead of 32*32, and added a few more.

Latest info on Texl 3.02
Rewrote whole package. No more bugs in 32 bit colour. Added sprite/brushes.

Latest info on texl 2.2.07; Increased speed performance in the first few drawing styles, which needed it most..
Added an undo button, at the filter section, which undo`s the last pressed image filter button.

Latest info on texl 2.2.06; You can influence the drawing start position while moving your mouse in the drawing area. (works on most of the drawing styles).

The way I work with it
I choose some drawing style, and when something interresting appears on the screen, mostly I quickly press the; gauss filter, shift \, or the negativ (2 times); the drawing stops and I can sort of filter it around. If I am sort of satisfied with it, I make a screengrab of the window, and than paste it in a 256*256 image in photoshop (any other paintpackage will do as well like 'ms-paint;). Then I can mix them with other textures, change colors etc.

How to import an image..
It`s best to import an image by a screen grab. It`s the fastest way. And I`m not planning to write a save image function yet, at least on this server where I`m on now.

(pc) Use the 'alt' & 'printscreen' keys both pressed to make a snapshot from the current selected window in the clipboard.

(mac) Press the 'apple', 'shift', '3' keys to make a snapshot of the screen.

Then you can paste it in a 256/256 size screen, in your favourite paintpackage, by pressing the (pc) 'control' & 'v' keys both pressed.

Why did I create this package?
I wanted to create textures for 3D games/animation, and after a while I got sort of bored with the noise filters of photoshop, and wrote this tool for my own use, but why not shared it I thought..

Loads of textures look tiled and clean, if you add some noise to your textures, they will be looking better and more realistic.

Please if you found any other bugs, or if texl is not working good on your system, please send a bug-report to me.. Include on what platform, os, and browser version you are running it..

Legal stuff
You can freely use the textures created with Texl on a non-commercial base, add noise & mix them with your own artwork and textures, If you use the textures online or in games, please send me an URL or info.

I`ve no problem for upcoming game texture creators to use these texures for there game and mods portefolio.

Commercial use:
I`ve no problem about authors putting up Texl in their (upcoming) books or magazines, but please inform me before publishing.
If you use loads of textures created by this package in commercial projects, and you make (loads of) money with it, it should be nice to donate a small fee to me, and give me some of the credits I deserve.

2001 Elout de Kok