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elout de kok - amsterdam.
you can see this as my digital playground. i show here some 'interactive' net-art, and some personal visual/vj experiments.

currently i`m an independent artist and work on 2D and 3D visuals and creative software development.

to link or view all the works in this lab is free; but if you use stuff i created on your own homepage, deep-link, write an article in real-life print, use, collect or store my material for any commercial or business reason, please contact me first!

if your browser gives an error, or your os crashes, you can try to notify me, but I take no legal responsibility, most of the work I create can take 100% processing power (or more) on your machine. Play around at your own risk! Make sure you`ve got the plugins installed, a fresh new brower and the and latest drivers. If thing slow down.. close all and restart your browser.