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the pixel-lab

This is the personal and digital playground of Elout de Kok, I show here some interactive (net) art, visual tools and experiments.
running this site @ xsall since 1996 (had an xs4all account in 1993 but lost that one), and from 1998 I started to call this place 'the pixel-lab'.

The stuff I show here is mostly 'experimental' work and experiments from the period 1998 till 2004.


Newer works the last few years. pixel-lab.org. eloutdekok.com. Amsterdam street Nature: ello.co/elout.

removed older .exe for downloads; some still on
haattp.nl crew haattp.nl
Check on your own risk!

Some of my java applets I can run now again 0__. =___= -_____-
!using this lovely extension called 'CheerpJ Applet runner'!

leaf series #1 1995
leaf-series - leaf#1 - 1995

Check some of my work at flickr.com | pinterest | youtube google+

You can see and buy some of my 3D models in SecondLife.
Pixel-lab at Claremorris [PG] | Houlihan [MA]

    Software   file/type    date 
 sculptypaint v.093
 Sculptypaint an elvolving tool and experiment for creating low-polygon 3D-models. These can be imported in 3D enviroments like Second Life, Google sketchup, Blender ea.
 windows /  linux /  macosx /  processing   2007-2009
 texl last updated 1999.
 Texl is a seamless texture creation tool, and currently it only supports 256*256 textures..
 java  '98/'99

vjmix - aug 2004   elout de kok: live mixed vj-mix august 2004 || pop-up || flash || 19.6 MB || time: 07.55 || sound: 'funkfat' by gnoe.net

    a small selection from the pixel-lab   file/type    date 
  adcd04 - standalone windows.exe 31kb. some: snapshots
  a 2007 remake of cdc-colcity. created for lokaal01 'alles nahe werde fern' show.
  artist: stephen walter, elout de kok, frank havermans, diederik klomberg.
  needs a (fast) opengl supported graphic card.
  c++ / opengl / software art   2007/02/15
  created a experimental 3d web-interface for the defining the space(part 2) exhibition
  based on the textual content of the site
  for soco (social contemporary center for the arts) amsterdam (nl)
  shockwave   2006/02/04
  sold a digital artwork i created (software-art | .exe) for a new brussels casino,
  this realtime 3d animation; ever-changing ambient work, is shown on plasma screens.
  commission lab-au for casinos austria international (c.a.i.)
  check here for some screenshots of this work.
  c++ / opengl   2005/12/15
  google.com - url-series n#1   java   2004/11/24
zab04   zabnulvier v.08
  a processing '2004' remake of my old zab0
  created for computerfinearts.com
cdccol   cdc v.col-city || windows .exe
 - 'Cdc' remake, colours and light change over time.
 - some snapshots of this work can be seen here
 - Written in C/openGL. Needs a (fast) openGL supported graphic card.
  .exe   2003/10/8
zdf v.01   zdf v.01
- zelf portrait series - 3x
- click to reset
  flash   2003/06/15
  qqs v.1.2 | windows .exe
  - city-scape series -
  written in c/openGL, for the netizens net art exhibition || sala 1 - rome (it)
  exe   2002/11/28
  zelf v.0.3
  - zelf portrait series -
  java   2002/08/21
  wtw 5k edition
  - 5114 bytes - for the the5k.org
 java   2002/05/05
  inact 5k edition
  - 5101 bytes - for the the5k.org
  - arrowkeys; zoom/rotate -
 shockwave   2002/05/05
  wireless 5k edition
  - 4472 bytes - for the the5k.org
  - arrowkeys; zoom/rotate - mouseclick; change lightning
 shockwave   2002/05/05
  cubbi v.007
 - first experiment using shockwave 3d - use arrow keys to zoom/rotate
 - remake of the 'cuber' object I created back in 1993 at virtual's' vr-studios, london uk.
  shockwave   2001/06/26
  loise v.011
 - drawing 3D - re-make
  java   2000/04/25
  zab0 v.026   java   2000/01/08